Save Brislington Meadows


Arnos Court Park:

St Annes Park:

Victory Park:

and on Facebook

Bristol Parks Forum is a great resource to find out about other parks and green spaces


Brislington Green Trail:

Brislington Brook brass rubbing trail along the Brislington Brook corridor, this is a series of 9 plaques dotted along the Brislington Brook through St Anne’s Wood and Nightingale Valley.

Bristol South Skyline Walk:

Bristol Barkers Walks:

Walks in Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve

Walk in St Annes Woods

Avon Valley Walk

Bristol Bridges Challenge]

guided tree trails

walkwyse – aMazing trails

aMazing trails are a new type of outdoor activity – a pirate themed virtual maze game – which you solve using the GPS and compass features on your mobile device. The virtual mazes are located in hundreds of public parks across the UK.
currently there are about a dozen Trails in Bristol including our own local trails in Victory Park and Arnos Court Park find out more and access the app to play the pirate games from the walkwyse website

BS4 Wellbeing Walks

Green Spaces

Arnos Vale Cemetery:

Callington Rd Nature Reserve

Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve:

Nightingale Valley / Brislington Brook:

Woodcroft Road Community Orchard:

Stockwood Open Space


There are also a number of allotment sites in Brislington you can discover them using the council’s allotment finder:

you can see a map of allotment sites on the Bristol tree Forum’s tree spaces microsite

Community Gardens

Eastwynd Community Garden

St Anne’s Community Garden

Woodcroft Community Orchard


Bristol Tree forum

for information on parks in the wider Bristol area the Bristol Greenground map is a fantastic resource

Liveable Neighbourhoods for Brislington

just across the river we also have Trooper hill and the Conham river park

Knowle and Filwood

Brislington east and West Share the BS4 postcode with the wards of Knowle and Filwood which have some lovely green spaces

Northern Slopes

Redcatch park

Knowle West Health Associations let’s Grow Community Allotment

My Wild South Bristol green report

My Wild City and My Wild Bedminster are projects led by
the Avon Wildlife Trust and the BS3 Wildlife Group
respectively. They share common aims, namely:

● to raise awareness of local wildlife amongst residents;
● to seek to improve their areas so that they become more attractive to a wide range of wild creatures and plants

Read their report on south Bristol’s green spaces Bs4 Report 2021.pdf

Bs4 Wildlife

We are very lucky in Brislington to have so much Green space in the local area with a wide Variety of parks allotments and Nature Reserves all of which support rich and varied Wildlife population

improve my wellbeing through nature

“Spending time in the natural environment – as a resident or a visitor – improves our mental health and feelings of wellbeing. It can reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It can help boost immune systems, encourage physical activity and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as asthma. It can combat loneliness and bind communities together.”

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