There are many paths in the reserve ranging from roads to goat tracks we’ve created a number of walks to get you started and you can link them up or go out on one loop and back on another to make up a walk to suit your time and fitness

Measured Half-mile – want to do a mile – easy go round twice ๐Ÿ™‚

Airshafts Walk

a Short fairly flat walk following the line of the bristol Bath Railway line the 5 stone structures along the route are airshafts to the tunnel below if you listen carefully you may hear a train pass under your feet

Open Space loop

the open area was used as a tip in the years after the second world war now itโ€™s a haven for wildlife

Riverside loop

this walk takes you down to the river watch out for ducks moorhens, swans and herons on the pond

In the season you can stop off to enjoy refreshments with riverside views at Beese’s

Our custom google map shows the locations of walks benches and bins in the nature reserve

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