Bristol Wildlife Recording List

Benefits of wildlife recording: helps us determine where wildlife is and how they are doing there, helps with wildlife research, informs planning, can feed into protective species legislation and red lists. It’s also easy to do and anyone can do it. 

There are usually two ways you can get involved with wildlife recording:1) Submit your one off-sightings (can be done via iNaturalist, iRecord, direct to BRERC or via one of the specialised animal organisations) or,2) Take part in a monitoring programme (usually offers more support, resources and training and looks at long term trends/ research into that specific animal or group).I’ve listed some wildlife monitoring/ surveys you can get involved in below – not an exhaustive list and I’ll add to it over time 

Frog & Toad Spawn Count 

When: Jan-March…/bristol-frog-toad-spawn…Level: Everyone

Reptile & Amphibian (UK-Wide)

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation have various monitoring and ways to submit one off sightings – some require some training, but they hold regular (often free) training events.Training events: to report your sightings: varies, some require training

All Mammals (UK-wide) 

Mammal Society Mammal Mapper app (includes ID guide and links to some national monitoring programmes) Everyone


When: All year/ once a month bristol.ottersurveygroup@gmail.comLevel: Some training required


When:All yearBlack Foxes UK look at unusually coloured foxes and also report on escaped pet foxes: Everyone


When: All yearBig Hedgehog map (also an app)https://bighedgehogmap.org Everyone


When: 7 February 2022 to 30th June 2022.This one uses the Mammal Mapper and is run in connection with the Mammal Society.…/deer…/deer-distribution-survey/Level: Everyone


National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP)…/national-bat-monitoring…Level: Depends on the survey, most require a heterodyne detector (the wildlife group have a couple that can be borrowed). BCT often run some annual training, which I highly recommend.


Bee Walk: Some free training available


UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme: https://ukbms.orgLevel: Everyone


Big Garden Bird Watch: EveryoneThere are loads of different bird surveys/ monitoring you can do. BTO has lots of options, so worth checking them out for more:

Plants Some free training available (and lots of ongoing support)


Waxcap Watch:…/waxcaps…/waxcapp-surveyLevel: Some free training available

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