Bristol Wildlife Recording List

Benefits of wildlife recording: helps us determine where wildlife is and how they are doing there, helps with wildlife research, informs planning, can feed into protective species legislation and red lists. It’s also easy to do and anyone can do it. 

There are usually two ways you can get involved with wildlife recording:1) Submit your one off-sightings (can be done via iNaturalist, iRecord, direct to BRERC or via one of the specialised animal organisations) or,2) Take part in a monitoring programme (usually offers more support, resources and training and looks at long term trends/ research into that specific animal or group).I’ve listed some wildlife monitoring/ surveys you can get involved in below – not an exhaustive list and I’ll add to it over time 

Frog & Toad Spawn Count 

When: Jan-March…/bristol-frog-toad-spawn…Level: Everyone

Reptile & Amphibian (UK-Wide)

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation have various monitoring and ways to submit one off sightings – some require some training, but they hold regular (often free) training events.Training events: to report your sightings: varies, some require training

All Mammals (UK-wide) 

Mammal Society Mammal Mapper app (includes ID guide and links to some national monitoring programmes) Everyone


When: All year/ once a month bristol.ottersurveygroup@gmail.comLevel: Some training required


When:All yearBlack Foxes UK look at unusually coloured foxes and also report on escaped pet foxes: Everyone


When: All yearBig Hedgehog map (also an app)https://bighedgehogmap.org Everyone


When: 7 February 2022 to 30th June 2022.This one uses the Mammal Mapper and is run in connection with the Mammal Society.…/deer…/deer-distribution-survey/Level: Everyone


National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP)…/national-bat-monitoring…Level: Depends on the survey, most require a heterodyne detector (the wildlife group have a couple that can be borrowed). BCT often run some annual training, which I highly recommend.


Bee Walk: Some free training available


UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme: https://ukbms.orgLevel: Everyone


Big Garden Bird Watch: EveryoneThere are loads of different bird surveys/ monitoring you can do. BTO has lots of options, so worth checking them out for more:

Plants Some free training available (and lots of ongoing support)


Waxcap Watch:…/waxcaps…/waxcapp-surveyLevel: Some free training available

Victory Park Active Travel Improvements

Brislington Livable Neigbourhoods along with Greater Brislington Together as applying for a CIL grant to improve the access into Victory Park from bonneville Rd / Brislington Trading estate

The Current swing gate ( orange icon above ) is only just big enough to allow an adult to pass and becomes a significant barrier to families with children, prams, bikes, dogs on leads etc

We are applying for approx £2200 to replace this gate with a K Barrier to improve the access

We are more likely to be granted te funding if we can demonstrate community support so if you would like to support our application please can you fill out our form – Thank you Brislington Livable Neigbourhoods

Christmas FAIRY TRAIL at EASTWOOD FARM Nature Reserve

The fairies have come to stay at Eastwood Farm for the holidays. Can you find all the doors to their houses ?

Come and Visit Our Fairy Trail from Saturday 18th December at EASTWOOD FARM Nature Reserve


Inside special trees at Eastwood Farm            

There live some fairies, full of charm,

With painted doors; on each a letter clue

They hope you can find them, they really do!

The fairies have set you a tricky task

We hope you are ready- it’s quite an ask

Take all the letters and move them around

Until a special phrase is found!

(Search in the playground and along the top path behind Wyndham Crescent)

───  / ───    ───   ───   ─── /  

───   ───   ───    ───   ───   ───   ───  ───  /

───   ───    ───   ───   /  ───

A Message from Broomhill Coop

Once completed please take your sheet back to Broomhill Coop where you can exchange it for a little treat.

This trail is brought to you by the Friends of Eastwood Farm. They are one of our Local Community Fund Partners and are raising money to make the area even more special, specifically using funds for paint for playground railings, picnic tables and a notice board. We are sure you will agree this will make the new playground a really lovely place for everyone in the community when it is built in the new year. Thank you so much Friends!

Every time you use your Coop card and buy Coop branded products, 2% of what you spend goes to our Local Community Fund partners. To specifically elect for all your points to go to the Friends, or to obtain a Coop card, please visit Thank you for your support, it means a huge amount.

For an extra activity, why not see how many words you can make from the letters you find and write them on the back of this sheet.

Download your worksheet below