Nicola Beech cabinet member has said “In Bristol we are fortunate to have many green spaces and wildlife areas that we enjoy and make us healthier and happier. Globally, nationally and locally nature is collapsing at an alarming rate and an unprecedented rate – there has been a decline of96% in the swift and starling populations”. Avon Wildlife Trust promote the benefits of nature as evidence shows it improves our health, makes us
happier, more productive and more active.

Green exercise can save the NHS money and green neighbourhoods cut depression. Eco therapy could reduce antidepressant prescription costs and MIND has shown that green exercise benefits health and wellbeing.

We know daily contact with nature is linked to reduced levels of chronic
stress, reduction in obesity and improved concentration. Ian Barrett CEO of AWT said the meadows were “too ecologically important to be destroyed” when The Mayor made his declaration in April 2021 to save them from development.
Many locals use it for commuting dog walking walking for health both physical and mental recreation and engagement in nature through green bathing wildlife spotting foraging etc
We have local doctors prescribing walks including the Meadows as a venue
our local community group has a dedicated walking route covering the Meadows


and many other greenspace options https://greaterbrislington.org/local-community-information/brislington-parks-trails-and-green-spaces/

Other local walking groups regularly arrange walks through the local area including the Meadows, for example, see the following references:

Bs4 wellbeing walks https://www.facebook.com/groups/wellbeingwalks

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