Following our Transport meeting in November 2019 a need was identified for bike parking in the sandy park area

We approached Andrew at Briscyle who is very happy for people to use the Railings outside his shop for bike parking during shop opening times

please pop in, say hello and let them know your parking your bike so they can keep an eye on it for you 🙂


Tuesday9:30am–3pm, 6:30–8pm
Wednesday9:30am–3pm, 6:30–8pm
Thursday9:30am–3pm, 6:30–8pm
Friday9:30am–4pm, 6:30–8pm

we are also investigating the possibility of getting a permanent secure bike rack installed but this will require a safe location and sufficient budget to pay for the bike racks and their installation

if you think this would be a good thing to have please fill out our form below

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