Road safety is a particular issue in or area particularly as vehicles rat run through Brislington to avoid queues on the A4 navigate around the congestion in the centre – this leads to speeding and oversize vehicles on our roads.

we have a community speed watch group who are actively working with our local councillors Bristol Council and Avon and Somerset police to address speeding issues

the vast majority of our roads are 20mph with only the orange roads below at 30mph and the Red roads at 40mph

for more information on local speed limits please see

Brislington north of the A4 is predominantly restricted to 7.5 ton vehicles and below though larger vehicles are permitted to enter for deliveries this is often abused

Historical Information

the CrashMap website records crashes where police involvement lead to action it doesn’t record minor crashes or ones where the was no police involvement


the one network portal shows upcoming road works

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