Are you an organiser or communicator in a local community group or organization, if so please sign up to our Google Group.

The intention is to enable rapid information sharing between community groups and locations in Brislington targeting especially organizations that have contact with people who don’t regularly use the internet / social media

Any subscribed member can post and the message goes to all the other subscribers

We can share information rapidly via this email list and groups can then pass this on via word of mouth / posters newsletters etc

examples of the type of information might be Events, Road closures, bus route changes etc

if you would like more information before joining please contact us using the email / social media links at the bottom of the page

thank you the Greater Brislington Together Team

Community Network Members

  • Greater Brislington Together
  • CASS –  mental health and wellbeing in the community.  
  • East Bristol Children’s Centres

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