We know that there is a huge amount of Development planned for Brislington in the next decade.

What we don’t know is how that development will affect the area and the people living in it both old and new

New developments of 50 or more houses since 2020

Population Increase

the estimated population in December 2021 for both Wards was 23,400* this is an 4.5 % rise over the population at the previous census in 2010

Using the UK average of 2.4 people per House then the 2635 new or proposed houses that we know about in the map above will increase our local population by 27%

New homes, not enough resources

South Bristol’s GPs and schools won’t cope with 12,000 new homes claims MP “Someone needs to own the problem” said Karin Smyth




We Don’t Have the:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Public Transport
  • Schools
  • Roads
  • parking
  • Air quality

to cope with all the extra people the proposed developments will bring to Brislington specifically or South Bristol generally

The Challenge

to our Mayor , the Developers , the council and our other authorities

is how to provide the additional resources needed by the increase in population for the Benefit of all the residents of Brislington and the wider population of Bristol

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Test Action Plan which explains how we plan to create new homes in Bristol.


*data from the council’s ward Reports Brislington East Ward Report & Brislington West Ward Report additional Data can be found for Brislington East & Brislington West

Have your say on the local plan


and some valuable commentary from a local housing activist


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