Greater Brislington Together help community groups to Apply for  this funding  in the  2018/19 round we were successful in securing £30,000 for  the Brislington Green Trail


GBT will be hosting two meetings to help make funding application in Brislington East and West

Greater Brislington Together meetings 2019:

  • 7 February, 7pm to 9pm at Wick Road Library  – CIL funding process and priorities meeting
  • , 14 March, 7pm to 9pm at Wick Road Library  – CIL funding process and priorities meeting


Here are timetable and deadlines for the 2019/20 Area Committee decision-making process for decision-making on CIL and Section 106 funding in Bristol

You can access all the information – and signpost people in your community groups – at:

The timetable and the Stage 1 Outline Guidance and an Outline Proposal form can be downloaded from the above webpage.

Key deadlines:

To submit potential project ideas/outline proposals

We’re asking organisations and communities and Council departments to put forward proposals for potential projects for the Area Committee to consider by 15th March 2019

We’re asking people to set them out on the Outline Proposal form which GBT can help you fill out and submit

Community Prioritising

We’ve set a deadline of 23rd April 2019  to ask ward councillors to consult with their communities to agree the shortlist of ward priority projects they want to take to their informal Area Committee meeting in early May 2019 to be considered to be taken forward to be developed as Full Proposals in Stage 2.


Below is some more info on Cil and the funding process

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and the Section 106 (S106) agreements

As part of the planning  process, a developer often has to give money to the council to pay for improvements in the area that they’re developing in. This is usually through a planning charge called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) but is sometimes through a planning obligation called a Section 106 agreement.

80% of the money that’s raised is used to pay for city-wide projects improving things like roads and schools.  You can see the city’s priorities for use of this funding in the Regulation 123 list.

15% of CIL funds and 33% of some S106 funds are made available for local decision making by councillors.

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