We are fortunate to have a number of organised groups focusing on wildlife in general and hedgehogs within the Bristol area.

The first of these groups was the BS3 wildlife Group organised by My Wild Bedminster and the follow on groups have copied the Postcode based format as it’s easy to remember and obvious to those without detailed knowledge of Bristol’s local areas.

The areas covered by our Postcode Based Wildlife groups are shaded orange in the map below

Wildlife Reports

BS postcode Area Reports

Make your own contributions to wildlife reporting

We encourage using iNaturalist as a tool for identifying and recording wildlife. Our aim is to create an iNaturalist Project for each Group so folk can see what has been recorded within the group area.

To add records to a local group, just record as normal and the records will automatically appear in the group’s project unless you’ve set them to hidden ( for example if you’re recording a protected species like a great crested newt)

Wildlife Groups

Group NameFacebook group/pageiNaturalist projectWebsiteMembership
BS3 Wildlife GroupBS3 Wildlife Group | FacebookBS3 Wildlife Group · iNaturalist1189
BS4 WildlifeBS4 Wildlife | FacebookBS4 Wildlife Group · iNaturalistBS4 Wildlife – Greater Brislington Together692
BS5 Wildlife GroupBS5 Wildlife Group | Facebook BS5 Wildlife Group · iNaturalist 563
BS9 Wildlife GroupBS9 Wildlife Group | Facebook BS9 Wildlife Group · iNaturalist 94
BS11 Wildlife GroupBS11 Wildlife Group | Facebook BS11 Wildlife Group · iNaturalist 54
BS16 Wildlife GroupBS16 Wildlife Group | Facebook BS16 Wildlife Group · iNaturalist 524

Hedgehog Projects

BS3 Hedgehog Project BS3 Hedgehog Project | Facebook
BS4 Hedgehog ProjectBS4 Hedgehog Project | Facebook
BS8 Hedgehog Project BS8 Hedgehog Project | Facebook
BS16 Hedgehog Project BS16 Hedgehog Project | Facebook

Bristol Hedgehog Projects iNaturalist project  https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/bristol-hedgehog-project

Please also report all hedgehog sightings to the  Big Hedgehog Map

if you know of a group or project that’s not recorded above or would like to start you own please get in touch using the links below

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